Princeton YWCA to host stand against racism event

Because racism hurts everyone, YWCAs across the nation aim to make this year’s “Stand Against Racism,” on April 27, the most far-reaching ever. What started as a joint initiative between the Trenton and Princeton YWCAs has grown into a movement that aims to eliminate racism by raising awareness through this annual event.

The event will take place Friday, April 27, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at YWCA Princeton, in the Bramwell House Living Room.  Admission is free and all are welcome.
There will ne a video screening of “The Princeton Plan: 50 Years Later,” and guest speakers Shirley Satterfield and Henry Pannell, members of the first class to integrate in the Princeton School system, will be featured.  For more information contact, Debra Raines at (609) 497-2100, ext. 307 or draines@

While addressing racism has been a tradition of the YWCA for decades, the national event started in 2008 right here in Mercer County. The day is about raising people’s consciousness that racism still exists in many forms throughout all communities. It is about treating people as individuals, not as stereotypes or assumptions about who they are, and getting to know one another on a human level. The ultimate goal is to unite all individuals as one community, regardless of racial and ethnic background.

Last year, there were more than a quarter million participants and more than 2,000 partnering organizations of individuals, churches, community groups and businesses.