PHS Debate Team seeking coach

  • Do you have time to commit to a team of passionate students, especially on weekends?
  • Have you coached before or did you debate in high school?
  • Do you have a willingness to learn and be brought into the community of debate, even with no experience?
  • Would you like to chaperone weekend trips to different places around the state and country?
  • Would you like to advance the efforts of young students who have worked incredibly hard to get where they are?

The Princeton Public School District has recently opened up the position for Princeton High School’s Debate Team to anyone interested in signing up. Without a coach since last Spring, the team has been delegating all responsibilities among themselves, which for teenagers who have school, homework, and other extracurricular activities, is simply too much to ask.

“Any person with or without experience, from Princeton or from another town, is encouraged to step up,” said Debate Team Officer Nick Pibl.

“It is a huge time commitment and we appreciate and welcome anyone willing to put that time in,” added Madi Norman, Debate Team Vice President. “We’re just super eager for a new coach.”

Debate Team President Gavin Alcott explained how with students handling all the administrative duties as well as having to choose among their peers who gets to be selected for a tournament can be challenging. He has found that, though much of the administrative work will continue to be headed by the team, they need a coach to act as an “authoritative figure.”

The coach needs to be someone who is willing to commit to weekend tournaments, which can sometimes run all day or all weekend. The team also practices twice a week after school. With the new school year here, tournaments are approaching and the search for a dedicated individual has hastened.

If you are interested to lead a group of students who are extraordinarily passionate about what they do, contact Debate Team President Gavin Alcott at, PHS Principal Gary Snyder at, or PHS Supervisor of Language Arts and Social Studies

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