Municipal Engineer Bob Kiser’s replacement selected from within

Princeton has chosen Deanna L. Stockton as its new Municipal Engineer.  The appointment will become effective when long-time engineer Robert V. Kiser retires at the end of June after serving Princeton in that capacity for 33 years.

Stockton is currently assistant municipal engineer and has been actively involved in every major municipal project of the consolidated Princeton and the former Township for more than 12 years.

Major projects, in which she has played key leadership roles, have included the $4.4 million Mountain Lakes Dredging and Dam Restoration Project; the $6.7 million Community Park Pools and Recreation Facility Improvements; Renovation of Monument Hall to serve Corner House; Park Place, Moore Street and Vandeventer Avenue roadway improvements and most recently the reconstruction of Mount Lucas Road between Cherry Hill Road and Stuart Road East.

Stockton is known for her ability to work well within the municipality, with other governmental entities, the University and residents.  She has also won acclaim by securing multiple funding grants for the municipality to reconstruct roads, replace traffic signals, create a bicycle master plan and establish a federally funded bike share program in coordination with the University.

She was hired as the Assistant Township Engineer under Kiser in 2000, relocated in 2002 to the Netherlands due to her husband’s job assignment and returned to continue as Assistant Engineer from 2005 to present.

Stockton will lead a department of eleven and work closely with Jack West, the municipal land use engineer

“I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to follow in Bob Kiser’s footsteps as the next municipal engineer and look forward to leading our outstanding staff in serving the Princeton community,” Stockton said. “Exceeding the elected officials and residents’ expectations is a role that we strive to achieve every day, and we will continue working to improve the municipality’s infrastructure and to enhance the quality of life for our residents.”