Princeton Police chase down and arrest burglar

On August 1 at about 1:30 a.m., Princeton Police Department officers were investigating a suspicious vehicle that was parked in the area of Terhune Road.  Police were acting on information that the vehicle had been used by individual(s) in several burglaries outside the Princeton area. While conducting their investigation, the officers saw a male subject emerge from behind several bushes in the 100 block of Dodds Lane.  The male subject began to run from the police, disobeying their orders to stop. The officers were unable to locate the subject.

Later that morning, at approximately 6:19 a.m., officers responded to the report of a car alarm that was activated in the area Harriet Drive.  While responding to the alarm, officers noticed a male subject that matched the description of the individual that eluded the police just a few hours prior. The officers attempted to make contact with the subject and he immediately ran from the police. The officers gave chase in the area of North Harrison Street. Several other officers responded to the area as well.
While searching the area, officers heard a loud noise coming from a house located on the 300 block of Ewing Street. The home appeared to be vacant. Officers were able to locate an unsecured door and they entered the home in search of the suspect. While searching the interior of the house the officers noticed a pull down set of stairs that led to a crawl space in the attic. Princeton police Officers Chris King and James Martinez accessed the attic and encountered a 20-year-old male.

The man was kneeling alongside the attic opening and was holding an 8 inch object in his hand. The manner in which the object was held was threatening in nature.  Not knowing what the object was, Ptl. King ordered him to drop the object repeatedly.  Ptl. King and Ptl. Martinez used verbal commands and de-escalation skills to gain control of the situation and place the perpetrator under arrest.  After he was placed under arrest, the object he was holding was determined to be a piece of plastic, which was larger at the base and tapered towards the end.  He was also in possession of a flat screw driver with a broken handle.

After being placed under arrest, the perpetrator was transported to police headquarters where he was processed and charged with the following offenses:


  1. Burglary
  2. Eluding
  3. Unlawful possession of a weapon
  4. Possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose
  5. Obstructing the administration of law
  6. Possession of burglar tools


Bail was set at $150,000 and the accused was transported to the Mercer County Correctional Center in default of bail.

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