Remembering to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Here is the Princeton guide to celebrate the life of Dr. King on today’s holiday.

Lanwin Development raises community concerns

Council addresses proposal to rezone land on Herrontown Lane and Mt. Lucas Road. Residents speak up.

Princeton Battlefield Society pursues lawsuit against Institute, DEP finds no wetlands

PBS announced today that they have submitted a 60 day notice for their federal lawsuit against the Institute for Advanced Study, claiming violation of Clean Water Act.

State Senate Committee urges DEP to issue stay on IAS wetlands permit

Battle between Princeton Battlefield Society and Institute for Advanced Study went to public hearing in Trenton, Dec. 21. Senate Committee urges DEP to issue stay on wetlands.

Princeton Winter Farmers’ Market

See the full schedule for this year’s Princeton Winter Farmers’ Markets and a word from local farmers.

Enjoying nature on a Saturday

D&R Greenway Canal hosts nature walks the second Saturday of each month from April through December. The Sun walked with Princeton’s nature lovers and bird watchers for the last event of the season. Stay tuned for the next round of walks come spring.

47Farms: helping farms and families

47Farms founder, Alex Cardona, has created an online forum for a local market.

Support the Preservation Defense Fund

The Princeton Battlefield Society is working to preserve battlefield land in an appeal against the Institute for Advanced Study. Here is how you can help.

‘A community and a university’

A look into the expanded edition of “Princeton University: The Campus Guide and Neighboring Institutions” with a walk through downtown Princeton.

Drug-related annual arrest stats, courtesy of Princeton Police

Chief Sutter and his department outline the statistics of drug-related arrests since 2013. Do you think it’s on the rise? See for yourself.